Wild beaut’e at Makeup show NYC

Wild beaut’e at Makeup show NYC. All organic products coconut tangerine melt moisturizer, organic cream from hydrating fruits oil and rose aloe flash so freshening. Organic beauty products lovers loved the products. Great marketing, selling and networking. Every product is made in USA 🇺🇸

Breakfast with toast blue berries and toast

A crispy toast sunny side up eggs and blueberry. Perfect breakfast with a cup of coffee. Loved my breakfast always this as my first choice. Carefully put it together and cook it together. Tasty breakfast yummy

Black eyed peas soup

Black eyed peas soup is my favorite. Love this soup and at least have once in a week. Cooked with using tomatoes, turmeric, chili powder along with olive oil. Some coriander leaves added taste. Organic pure virgin olive oil and strictly vegetables. Tasted good yummy

Pasta spinach with tilapia

My favorited food pasta with spinach. Cooked this combination of pasta with spinach and tilapia. Fresh organic whole food. Cooked with ingredients and virgin olive oil. Came out very delicious and loved the taste. Healthy eating healthy food.

Pasta with curry sauce and eggs

Thought of trying to have pasta little differently. Added curried sauce really made kind of experiment but came out very tasty. Spicy and pungent with added flavors I called it curry sauce. Some boiled eggs, garlic and jalapeño stuffed olives and olive oil made the meal really delicious yummy

Wild beaut’e at upper west side NYC

wild beaut’e at the event west upper side New York. Great crowd interested to know more about the product. Loved to experiment the product and felt the freshness, lovely smell of coconut tangerine and lightly moisturizer. Great crowd and their complements on the product. Excellent marketing and sales. If you would like to know more…

Spinach salmon and mango

Looks so tropical colors as food can be presented as art. Simple and very filling. Healthy and clean eating. Sautéed spinach salmon well done on stove top pan. Salt garlic pepper sprinkled on. My favorite mango and fresh green chili on the side. It’s really mouthwatering and favor of the fresh organic fruit and spinach…

Wild beaut’e product at NYC

At the beauty fashion vintage show at NYC the organic coconut tangerine melt moisturizer by Wild beaut’e people stopped by to feel and smell the product. Had attention of crowd and sold very well. Some couldn’t have enough words to express how much they liked it. Beauty organic vegan cruelty free products made in the…