Grilled wild salmon with roasted peppers, onions and carrots

A perfect mouth watering dinner a muggy day like this. Perfectly marinated with lemon and red pepper. Grilled wild salmon along with sweet onions, sweet peppers and carrots. It’s the dinner with flavor of natural ingredients. Eat with some fresh baby spinach. Fitness, healthy food, healthy eating and healthy life style.

GermanShepherd modeling for wildbeaut’e coconut tangerine melt

Bear the GermanShepherd modeling for the product from Wildbeaut’e coconut tangerine melt. It’s the 100% organic, multipurpose cruelty free and vegan oil. To know more or to order you can visit the website This product is only for humans. Smells amazing and make your skin look great.

Pancakes with fruits and nuts no butter

Craving for pancake made me to cook healthy way. No butter just cooked with canola oil. Added almond nuts, green apple and banana. Of course organic maple syrup and organic cinnamon powder sprinkled on. Tasted yummy with a cup of coffee. Love it yum

Coconut Tangerine Melte

Multitasking moisturizer with two powerful ingredients coconut and tangerine melt from Wild beaut’e. Certified organic cold pressed, unrefined, hundred percent vegan and cruelty free. This product is 100% pure and nature intended. I am very happy to get to use this oil. I love this product and use this beauty oil every day. Makes me…

Pasta with shrimp and spinach

Cooking is an Art for me. I cooked this pasta by adding some ingredients. Sautéed some shrimp and cooked spinach with olive oil. Finally ready to serve in articulate way. Loved the look and enjoyed the deliciousness. Yummy

Pungent and spicy egg curry and corn with vegetables

Sunday supposed to be eating funday eating delicious food. Made this egg curry using tomatoes and some Indian spices. This curry turned out very very tasty there is no word to explain it. Want this meal to be big and healthy I boiled corn, added some salad and little portion of rice of course my…

Carrots and sweet onions

There is always confusion to me how to make sweet carrots and sweet onions not to be sweet after cooking. On stove top pan using canola oil and some other ingredients I really cooked this dish which turned very delicious. Meal to be enjoyed the most. Healthy food, healthy eating and healthy life style Love…

Cauliflower and lentil soup

I always want to find the way to cook cauliflower differently and result came out like this. Little spicy salty and crunchy. Something to eat with this I thought of making lentil soup. Added lemon and some spice like turmeric and garlic of course coriander leaves. Healthy food, healthy eating and healthy life style. Really…

Pasta tilapia and radish

thought of making combinations of pasta tilapia. Perfectly cooked linguine added some virgin olive oil and salt for taste. Marinated tilapia with fresh lemon pepper and red chili powder. Home made tomato sauce made it taste good. Enjoyed cooking and enjoyed eating this food. Fitness, healthy eating, healthy food and healthy life style.

Sautéed Broccoli rabe, mushrooms and sweet potatoes

Just the simple food for dinner. Sautéed broccoli rabe mushrooms with boiled eggs sweet potatoes. It’s quick meal and healthy eating. Garlic, lemon, canola and olive oil main key ingredients. Delicious meal yummy. Fitness, healthy food and healthy life style.

Salmon string beans and curry pasta

Today is a storm day. I thought of preparing little bit spiced up pasta putting my ideas to create this dish together. Came up with making some linguine, spiced curry, steamed string beans and salmon. Added some squash into the curry while cooking. Perfect taste and healthy food. Tasted good yum. Fitness, healthy eating ,healthy…

Tilapia rice sprinkled on

Perfect meal for dinner. Baked Tilapia rice and lettuce sprinkled on. Some garlic and jalapeños stuffed olive oil. Loved the taste. Some ingredients used. Clean eating and healthy life style. Fresh and tasty