Cauliflower dish

it’s the tasty cauliflower I ever had. Sautéed with garlic , lemon, salt, canola oil, red chilli cooked in pressure cooker. Loved the taste yummy

Sautéed broccoli rabe with Salmon

sautéed broccoli rabe with grilled salmon for dinner. Healthy and clean eating. Simply cooked with canola oil, garlic, pepper, chili powder and salt for taste. Organic and fresh broccoli rabe and fresh salmon.

It’s lunch time salmon asparagus yummy

Delicious food grilled salmon with sautéed asparagus. Squeeze some lemon and serve with onion halve for added taste. Himalayan salt and pepper sprinkled on.

Shrimp curry and wheat bread

Wheat bread which is paranoia and shrimp curry. Tried my best to bring it perfect way and ethnically. Fresh organic and healthy food. Tasted good yummy 👏

Happy thanksgiving 🍁

Perfect lunch loved the flavor of it. A glass of wine and pasta in the bowl made my day. Sautéed shrimp with sweet pepper. Seasoned with black peppers garlic. Cooked with canola oil and fresh organic pepper. Loved the taste. Mouth watering and made me feel good 👏

Sautéed asparagus and Salmon

It’s dinner simple and delicious. Quick meal and healthy. Clean and healthy eating. Asparagus sautéed salt and pepper sprinkled on. Grilled salmon with red pepper powder, fresh lemon juice olive oil poured on. Tasted good yummy 😋

Tomato soup 🍲

Perfect soup for cold day. Organic fresh tomatoes cooked using ingredients like turmeric, red chili powder, garlic, pepper, organic olive oil. Some basil sprinkled over. Tasted good yummy

Fresh organic salad with shrimp

This was my lunch today. Organic spinach, fresh strawberries, carrots, tomatoes. Sautéed shrimp prepared with canola oil and squeezed lemon sprayed some salt pepper. There you go a perfect tasty dish. Loved the taste. Healthy and clean eating. Perfect for fitness life style 👏